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Sweet Caroline! Smith System Meets School’s Large, Quick-Turn Furniture Order

Herculean effort gets PreK–12 students back to in-person learning safely. Read More

Features the Oodle® stool and Flavors® chairs.

Transforming Older Schools into Modern Learning Spaces

“Leave no classroom behind,” could be the motto for Center Grove Community School Corporation. Read More

Reconfigure and Retrofit: Creating Safer Post-COVID Classrooms

Among the uncertainly of COVID-19, one thing is for sure; the global pandemic has caused a permanent pivot in the K–12 educational landscape. Read More

Future-Proof Furniture Fills New K-8 Leadership Academy

Here’s how Valley View Leadership Academy, a newly built K–8 public school in Phoenix, met the challenge using Smith System classroom furniture. Read More

An Innovative STEM Environment at Donny O’Dell Elementary.

Ask an elementary kid, “Name one thing you love about your school,” and you don’t expect to hear “STEM lab!” Yet that’s exactly what’s happening at Donny O’Dell Elementary in Celina, TX, after only four months of having its STEM lab up and running. Read More

A Transatlantic Team: Smith System Furnishes Primary School in Greece

The opportunity to develop and direct the furnishing of an entire new primary school is extraordinary, especially when that school must seamlessly integrate into a beloved, 113-year-old educational institutional. Read More

active seating

Flavors Noodle Chair Turns Occupational Therapist into Active Seating Advocate

As an elementary school occupational therapist, Megan Kelly Petersen has a trained eye for spotting issues that hinder student learning. But she’s also tenacious at finding solutions, especially for kids who struggle to stay focused. Read More

Creating an Engaging Early Learning Environment for Young Learners

The newly opened District 59 Early Learning Center (ELC) in Mount Prospect, Illinois is a modern example of how a bright, engaging early learning environment can incorporate 21st Century learning principles. Read More

Building a Makerspace: Ryan Park Elementary’s Story

After attending a number of conferences and observing the creative learning opportunities offered by Makerspace education, Ryan Park Elementary School Principal Amy Heavin decided to put together a team to create her own Makerspace called “The Learning Lab” at her school. Here is their story. Read More

Case Study: Desoto ISD — School district takes STEM classroom to new degree

Desoto ISD was inspired to put together a team to implement 21st century learning and investigate the difference in STEM and STEAM programs (STEAM adds the arts). Read More

Reaping the Benefits of 21st Century Classrooms.

Levine Academy, a conservative Jewish private Pre-K through 8 school in Dallas, decided to embrace these tenets and embarked upon an ambitious 3-month redesign of the school. Read More

DeSoto ISD Revolutionizes How It Educates High School Students With Smith System Furniture

Smith System helped DeSoto change its approach. Read More

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