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Smith System Coronavirus Updates

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Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Imagine a student so viscerally immersed in learning that it’s dizzying. Literally. That’s the power of using virtual reality in the classroom, and it’s capturing the attention of K–12 educators.
Customer Stories, Dealer Updates, Education Trend

Employee Spotlight–Meet Jesus Anorve-Garcia

Have you ever wondered who works on and fixes the machinery at Smith System? Well, meet Jesus. He has been working at Smith System for the past eight years. Lately, Jesus has been assembling and moving our production lines from Plano to the new facility. He is one of the only people who knows how all of the machinery at Smith System works.
Customer Stories, Dealer Updates, Education Trend

Future-Proof Furniture Fills New K–8 Leadership Academy

If modern K–12 education design had a mascot, it’d be a chameleon. Just like those color-morphing lizards, learning spaces and furniture must functionally adapt over their live span for every grade level and possible pedagogy. It’s called future-proofing.
Product News

Groove® Brings Great Design + Ergonomics to Any Learning Space

Just like its counterculture-vibe name, Smith’s new K-12 Groove chair questions the norm: Why can’t every school have the best learning environment without paying top dollar, especially when it comes to chairs? Groove makes it possible, says Dorsey Cox, the award-winning designer behind Groove and the founder of Alabama-based Dorsey Cox Design.
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Space of the Week

We've seen how the right tools can help spark inspiration and found that working together with dealers, designers and school systems results in what's best for the school, teacher and student. Each week, we will be featuring an influential space that was created in the past week that inspires a creative and dynamic learning environment.
Customer Stories

Smith System Studio: 3d Printable Barrier Screen Stands

Beginning today, anyone can download our free design file to create a basic 3D plastic stand for making classroom screens. Aer printing the stand, students simply slide any type of firm material into the slots, like plywood, cardboard from collapsed boxes or foam board, to create an upright barrier.
Dealer Updates

QuickShip Program Updates

You can be sure that as we continue to serve you, we’re taking every precaution to keep our employees safe. We’ve painted social distancing cues on our shop floors, provided PPE and, among other things, we are performing temperature checks.
Dealer Updates

Coronavirus Response

We are in this together. Smith System is open and operating as an essential business supporting North America's schools.
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New Classroom Furniture Helps STEM Students Soar. Literally.

When sixth-grade teacher Gina Baragone applied for a district grant for new classroom furniture, she didn’t expected two things. First, to receive the award and, second, the impact it would have on her STEM classroom students. The furniture has helped them fly.
Dealer Updates

Jim Stelter to Lead Smith System

Our product offering will continue to be available to school districts through our existing network of independent dealers, as an open line manufacturer. You will continue to have access to the entire Smith System line, and our leadership team will remain in place.
Customer Stories, Dealer Updates, Education Trend

An Innovative STEM Environment at Donny O’Dell Elementary.

“My students’ ability to collaborate has greatly improved, no matter who’s in their group. Their confidence in trying new things has skyrocketed, too. They’re given opportunities to explore, fail, and not give up. I love seeing that.” So much so that she has her eye on securing funding to create O’Dell’s first “STEMineers”
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Classroom Furniture Color Selection

Building a new school is an epic bricks-and-mortar task. Choosing a color scheme for your new school furniture shouldn’t be. There’s a method to the potential madness of color chips, samples and finishes.