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New Classroom Furniture Helps STEM Students Soar. Literally.

When sixth-grade teacher Gina Baragone applied for a district grant for new classroom furniture, she didn’t expected two things. First, to receive the award and, second, the impact it would have on her STEM classroom students. The furniture has helped them fly.
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An Innovative STEM Environment at Donny O’Dell Elementary.

“My students’ ability to collaborate has greatly improved, no matter who’s in their group. Their confidence in trying new things has skyrocketed, too. They’re given opportunities to explore, fail, and not give up. I love seeing that.” So much so that she has her eye on securing funding to create O’Dell’s first “STEMineers”
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Classroom Furniture Color Selection

Building a new school is an epic bricks-and-mortar task. Choosing a color scheme for your new school furniture shouldn’t be. There’s a method to the potential madness of color chips, samples and finishes.
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5 Steps to a Flexible-Seating Classroom

What’s important is having a plan, according to Dianna Radcliff, the aforementioned fifth-grade ELA teacher and technology specialist. Doing so has made her a convert to flexible seating.
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The Optimal Classroom Chair? Let Learners Decide.

Kids and teens seem to intuitively know how and where they concentrate best. Just look in a modern K12 classroom. Students might be sitting, standing, kneeling, rocking, or even propped on the floor.
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A Transatlantic Team: Smith System Furnishes Primary School in Greece

The opportunity to furnish a classroom is exciting. The opportunity to develop and direct the furnishing of an entire new primary school is extraordinary, especially when that school must seamlessly integrate into a beloved, 113-year-old educational institutional.
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Starting a Makerspace? Your Beginner’s Guide

The thought of starting your very own School Makerspace can be daunting. You’ve read about Makerspaces and seen their potential, but where do you start?
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Futuristic Classrooms: Make Way for Big Changes

Many educators and designers are wondering, “What will the classroom of the future look like? How will my job change?” Even the best Magic 8-Ball can’t provide answers. But we can speculate, based on current classroom trends. This blog will provide a glimpse of what might be ahead for teachers and 21st Century learners. Buckle up!
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How Design Thinking Can Benefit Students

Learn more about what design thinking is, how it’s being applied in classrooms, and how to create the best space for design thinkers.
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Mobile Classroom Storage: Cut Down on Clutter with these Innovative Solutions

In a learning environment where space is at a premium, one of the biggest challenges facing teachers across all grade levels is classroom storage. As supplies and materials multiply , how are you supposed to stay organized?
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How Project Based Learning Puts Students in the Driver’s Seat

With Project Based Learning, an innovative pedagogy gaining steam right now, the conventional definition and goal of the school project is changing. Find out how.
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Is it Really Just a Game? How Classroom Gamification Supports 21st Century Learning

Today, more Americans than ever before--58 percent--consider themselves to be gamers, primarily for fun. But, what if games could serve a more educational purpose?