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Social-Emotional Learning

Sanctuary in the Storm: How Classroom Design Can Promote Social-Emotional Learning

The pandemic robbed K–12 students of so much. Learning was lost, and for some, it was profound. But many experts believe the root cause is the ongoing fragile emotional and mental health of kids and teens.
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The Post-Pandemic Classroom: Will Technology Still Drive Design?

As we move past the pandemic, will tech’s influence on K­–12 classroom design remain the same, or has the pandemic been a game-changer for tech?
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How to Get Students Back on Track Using High-Impact Tutoring Spaces

Individual or small-group high-dose tutoring is proving to be the most powerful strategy to address pandemic learning losses, quickly and equitably. Read More

Welcome to Flowform® Outdoor, Smith System’s new upholstered furniture for outdoor learning spaces

“Humans crave connecting with the great outdoors. It’s call biophilia, and it’s why we bring nature into built environments, like schools. Read More

Peace of Mind: Why Classroom Air Purifiers are Here to Stay

Here are the basics of why classroom air purification units are a good long-term investment for schools, in tandem with upgraded HVAC systems. Read More

Smith System® Launches New, Mobile Air Purifying Unit for Learning Spaces

Smith System® is helping teachers and students return to school safely with the launch of Cascade® Air. Read More

Case Study: Forney ISD — Herculean effort gets PreK–12 students back to in-person learning safely

Herculean effort gets PreK–12 students back to in-person learning safely. Read More

Guide on How to Access Educational Stimulus Funds

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, Congress passed stimulus legislation to help the economy (CARES Act). Read More

Write-on! The Benefits of Using Traditional Whiteboards in K-12 Schools

Maximizing student engagement is a never-ending quest. Read More

Technology is Transforming Art Classrooms (and Upping the Fun)

Move over macaroni necklaces. Technology has landed in K­–12 arts education, and it’s becoming as common in art classrooms as paintbrushes and pastels. Read More

Top 10 Benefits of a Flexible-Seating Classroom

As part of our series on that topic, we’ve combed through a heap of online data and compiled the ten biggest benefits (in our opinion) of flexible seating. Read More

How to Boost Student-Teacher Engagement During Remote Learning

Giving students a personal desk-chair setup at home can improve focus, and that benefits everyone – learners, teachers, school districts, and parents. Read More

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