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Smith System Announces Partnership with Landscape Forms

Smith System Collaborates with Landscape Forms to Launch ‘OpenSpaces’—Highly Durable Outdoor School Furniture for Enhanced Learning Experiences Read More

Improving Classrooms for Neurodiverse Students and Different Learning Styles

In a world of unknowns, K–12 educators know this: There are infinite variations of the student brain, both neurotypical and neurodivergent. Given this learning landscape, how can schools ensure their classrooms are inclusively equipped for different learning styles? Read More

How to Create a Dynamic Active Learning Environment with School Furniture

The active learning classroom is analogous to a chameleon. The physical set-up you see at 9 a.m. could look completely different within minutes – and not from chaos. The quick change-up is from teachers and students tailoring their surroundings to the active learning strategy at play. Read More

The Power of Choice–Platinum & Clear Totes Now Available

Storage bins, boxes, totes or trays. No matter what they’re called, these compact classroom organization tools provide big solutions. So much so that decreasing visual clutter in learning spaces can actually increase learning outcomes. Read More

Leaping into Latin America: Smith System Expands Furniture Footprint

Every day, on every continent, teachers and students are together on a learning journey. Smith System believes the opportunities to inspire both are endless, especially with innovative, insights-driven school furniture.  Read More

Furniture Overhaul Turns Special Ed Science Classroom into ‘Science Oasis’

You may not realize it, but school classroom furniture has a huge impact on how well the children in the room learn. Here’s everything you need to know Read More

Leveraging Technology to Support Student Wellbeing

Before the pandemic struck schools, it was rare to hear “technology” and “wellbeing” in the same sentence. Now, K–12 educators are learning to leverage digital technologies to foster students’ wellbeing and inclusion throughout schools. Welcome to Part Two in our three-part blog series devoted to digital transformation trends in education. We’re aggregating top insights on Read More

Designing Flexible Learning Spaces for Ed Tech Integration

A generation ago, a school “laptop” literally meant your lap (i.e., a convenient place to park a textbook). “Gamification” was surviving dodgeball in gym class. Not anymore. Today, the tools and terms of digital transformation in the education sector continue to redefine school curricula and design. Foremost, schools – and the furniture within them – Read More

How Technology is Shaping the Future of Learning

There’s an undeniable digital transformation underway in K­­­–12 education. Its scope and pace are shaping the future of learning, teaching, and the physical spaces and furniture that support them, for sure. That’s the catalyst behind this three-part blog series devoted to the tsunamic effects of the K–12 digital transformation. We’ve aggregated top insights on three Read More

Smith System Launches Flowform® Learn Lounge

Smith System’s new Flowform™ Learn Lounge. The stylish product line offers comfortably casual furniture pieces that work in unison to also provide what’s missing in many non-traditional seating spaces – the ergonomic support and work surfaces to promote healthier, engaged learning postures. Read More

How to Choose Early Childhood Furniture for PreK Classrooms

As research proves the benefits of early childhood education, there’s a push for more states to require PreK programs. Educators can prepare now by learning how to create engaging environments for little learners. It begins with choosing high-quality early childhood classroom furniture. Little Kids are Primed for Big Learning Let’s begin with an intriguing thought: Read More

How to Buy School Furniture: 7 Things to Remember, Not Regret

Buying new school furniture to create modern, collaborative learning spaces is more than a monetary purchase. It’s an investment in students, teachers, and staff. Here’s how to make furniture selections that benefit everyone involved. Read More

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