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Buying Student Desks? Skip the Gimmicks. Invest in Future-Proofing.

If you’re in the market for buying or replacing K – 12 classroom desks, here are eight “future-proof” features to consider before you commit to a classroom design. Read More

21st Hybrids Take Hold: Defining Learning Commons and Library Commons

Architects and designers are scrambling to create new hybrid spaces called learning commons and library commons. Read More

Education Trends Require Flexible Classrooms — and Viewpoints

Architects and their clients are using the Common Core Driving Design to inspire new flexible classrooms. Read More

STEM Classroom Furniture, Is There a Formula for Success?

Furnishings in the room contribute to student engagement with the subject. How to assure the STEM classroom furniture and classroom layout are compatible? Read More

What Makes Classroom Furniture Eco-Friendly? Let Us Count the Ways.

This article walks readers through what constitutes “eco-friendly” in a much broader sense. It also provides examples of how one K-12 classroom furniture manufacturer, Smith System, is minimizing its planetary footprint. Read More

Baltimore Design School

Congratulations to the 350 students at Baltimore Design School. We hope you enjoy Smith System Desks and chairs. Check out their space, it’s really cool. Read More

21st Century Classrooms | Houston ISD

Molly Risdall Parnell, Smith System’s VP of Sales, gives her take on the topic of 21st century classrooms (via Houston ISD’s blog). Here’s a snippit … “21st century furniture helps teachers create more learning options in the classroom,” said Molly Parnell, vice president of sales at Smith System, a manufacturer of 21st century classroom furniture based Read More

21st Century Classroom Round Table Discussion with Smith System Experts

21st Century Classroom represents a shift in the way in which students and teachers interact. Read More

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