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Universal Design for Learning: How to create UDL classrooms that ‘bust the barriers’ for students

For many K–12 students, the path to learning is riddled with barriers, big and small. Universal Design for Learning is an inclusive approach that’s redefining those educational obstacles as valuable opportunities. Read More

Beyond Tree Stumps & Stepping Stones: Tips for Building Better Outdoor Learning Spaces

The benefits of outdoor learning for K–12 students are well documented. How to furnish those spaces remains a footnote. Read More

Smith System Announces Partnership with Landscape Forms

Smith System Collaborates with Landscape Forms to Launch ‘OpenSpaces’—Highly Durable Outdoor School Furniture for Enhanced Learning Experiences Read More

Improving Classrooms for Neurodiverse Students and Different Learning Styles

In a world of unknowns, K–12 educators know this: There are infinite variations of the student brain, both neurotypical and neurodivergent. Given this learning landscape, how can schools ensure their classrooms are inclusively equipped for different learning styles? Read More

How to Create a Dynamic Active Learning Environment with School Furniture

The active learning classroom is analogous to a chameleon. The physical set-up you see at 9 a.m. could look completely different within minutes – and not from chaos. The quick change-up is from teachers and students tailoring their surroundings to the active learning strategy at play. Read More

The Power of Choice–Platinum & Clear Totes Now Available

Storage bins, boxes, totes or trays. No matter what they’re called, these compact classroom organization tools provide big solutions. So much so that decreasing visual clutter in learning spaces can actually increase learning outcomes. Read More

Furniture Overhaul Turns Special Ed Science Classroom into ‘Science Oasis’

You may not realize it, but school classroom furniture has a huge impact on how well the children in the room learn. Here’s everything you need to know Read More

How to Buy School Furniture: 7 Things to Remember, Not Regret

Buying new school furniture to create modern, collaborative learning spaces is more than a monetary purchase. It’s an investment in students, teachers, and staff. Here’s how to make furniture selections that benefit everyone involved. Read More

How School Classroom Furniture Can Improve Student Learning

You may not realize it, but school classroom furniture has a huge impact on how well the children in the room learn. Here’s everything you need to know Read More

Perspiring about Expiring Relief Funds? We Have Quick Solutions

K-12 school districts breathed a sigh of relief last year when Congress allocated $122 billion to alleviate COVID’s effect on education. Yet the majority of funds remain unspent. Now, schools are under pressure to expedite purchases before the 2024 deadline. Smith System can help. Read More

Stress Less: Create a School Calm Room Students Want to Visit

We all need to blow off steam. But for K–12 students with already low resiliency, it can feel scary, like an open fire hydrant. School Calm Rooms help students slow the flow. Read More

Behind the Design: Numbers™ Chair and Desk Suite

Smith System’s new Numbers Chair and Numbers Desk are the company’s first product line designed to meet K¬–12 classroom furniture requirements of three major global markets – The Americas, Asia-Pacific and EMA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa). Read More

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