Case Study: Desoto ISD — School district takes STEM classroom to new degree

Desoto ISD was inspired to put together a team to implement 21st century learning and investigate the difference in STEM and STEAM programs (STEAM adds the arts). Read More

Reaping the Benefits of 21st Century Classrooms.

Levine Academy, a conservative Jewish private Pre-K through 8 school in Dallas, decided to embrace these tenets and embarked upon an ambitious 3-month redesign of the school. Read More

STEM Classroom Furniture, Is There a Formula for Success?

Furnishings in the room contribute to student engagement with the subject. How to assure the STEM classroom furniture and classroom layout are compatible? Read More

Cascade® Classroom Storage Video

A customizable system for organizing, storing, distributing and even presenting materials to students. Read More

What Makes Classroom Furniture Eco-Friendly? Let Us Count the Ways.

This article walks readers through what constitutes “eco-friendly” in a much broader sense. It also provides examples of how one K-12 classroom furniture manufacturer, Smith System, is minimizing its planetary footprint. Read More

Baltimore Design School

Congratulations to the 350 students at Baltimore Design School. We hope you enjoy Smith System Desks and chairs. Check out their space, it’s really cool. Read More

GREENGUARD joins UL Environmental, identity evolves

Following its acquisition by UL, GREENGUARD Environmental Institute will change its name and institute a new logo. Read More

DeSoto ISD Revolutionizes How It Educates High School Students With Smith System Furniture

Smith System helped DeSoto change its approach. Read More

Flavors Noodle Chair

A New Concept In Student Seating: Seating That Moves.

Smith System launches revolutionary seating concept to enhance movement in classrooms. Read More

La Escuelita School Chooses Smith System’s School Furniture

Smith System fit space, budget and needs. Read More

Employee Spotlight – Randy Kastalanych

Introducing Randy Kastalanych as Smith System’s vice president of operations. Read More

New Additions to Cascade® Storage Line

Cascade® Lectern, Mega-Cabinet Tote and Presentation Cart have been added to the Cascade® Storage line. Read More

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