Maker’s Mark – How “Making” Is Influencing STEM Education

To understand the global impact of The Maker Movement, look no further than The Home Depot. In August, the world’s largest home improvement retailer launched a pilot program with MakerBot to sell its 3D printers and scanners at 12 stores in California, Illinois and New York. Read More

What Do Students Want in a 21st Century School Library?

All research points to creating K-12 libraries that are energetic, inviting space filled with students who are busy gathering information and exchanging ideas. Read More

Teaching Students to Collaborate

To truly prepare students for college and careers, teachers must equip their students with 21st Century learning tools. Read More

How Seating Ergonomics Affect Learning

Given the highly individualized nature of sitting, how can a single chair design work for an entire classroom? Read More

How Classroom Design Affects Student Learning

Student learning, and more specifically, setting the right tone for learning, begins the moment a student enters the school building, not just when he or she crosses the classroom threshold. Case in point, think of how entering a dental office versus a favorite fast food restaurant affects your entire psyche. Do you want to flee or feast? Read More

Buying Student Desks? Skip the Gimmicks. Invest in Future-Proofing.

If you’re in the market for buying or replacing K – 12 classroom desks, here are eight “future-proof” features to consider before you commit to a classroom design. Read More

21st Hybrids Take Hold: Defining Learning Commons and Library Commons

Architects and designers are scrambling to create new hybrid spaces called learning commons and library commons. Read More

Education Trends Require Flexible Classrooms — and Viewpoints

Architects and their clients are using the Common Core Driving Design to inspire new flexible classrooms. Read More

Case Study: Desoto ISD — School district takes STEM classroom to new degree

Desoto ISD was inspired to put together a team to implement 21st century learning and investigate the difference in STEM and STEAM programs (STEAM adds the arts). Read More

Reaping the Benefits of 21st Century Classrooms.

Levine Academy, a conservative Jewish private Pre-K through 8 school in Dallas, decided to embrace these tenets and embarked upon an ambitious 3-month redesign of the school. Read More

STEM Classroom Furniture, Is There a Formula for Success?

Furnishings in the room contribute to student engagement with the subject. How to assure the STEM classroom furniture and classroom layout are compatible? Read More

Cascade® Classroom Storage Video

A customizable system for organizing, storing, distributing and even presenting materials to students. Read More

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