The school lounge: a concept that graduated from college to high school.

College students have long favored the unique environment provided by lounges for all kinds of studying. In many ways, the school lounge provides the best of all worlds: Quiet for concentration. Space so that students can spread out materials and projects to easily access resources. Room for small groups to collaborate on projects. And comfortable seating for long reading assignments. High School educators are taking the school lounge concept and making it work for their motivated students.

Lounge classroom furniture designed for teens.

To help the high school student discover his or her optimal form of studying, the school lounge should be broken into zones, each one enabling a certain form of study: A central study area, quiet reading areas and often small meeting rooms equipped with white boards. All areas should have Internet and power connectivity easily accessible, and have computers available.

The big question educators face is, does lounge classroom furniture exist that offers the comfort students demand, as well as the required durability? You guessed it: Smith System offers many exiting forms of seating and desking products that can allow students to work in an unstructured school lounge environment.

Any comfortable, indestructible suggestions?

All of Smith System’s seating lines offer comfortable, mobile options that work well in meeting room environments. We offer a wide array of tables that can be used either for group work, or for up to six students working independently – all with many colors and finish options.

We also offer a wide range of products especially suited to student lounge classrooms: The Chat Chair, a mobile chair that’s a hybrid between a classroom chair and a lounge chair. We also offer many accessories to outfit a student lounge, like our I~0™ Post that help distribute connectivity throughout large spaces, desk fences to help manage concentration, and study carrels for intense concentration.