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Student Desks

There's more to a classroom desk than its shape.

They must be built strong to withstand use well into the future. Their shapes must add functionality with future use in mind, rather than contributing gimmicky, non-functional arrangements in the classroom.

The widest variety of functionality for today's classrooms.

Once considered simply an immobile work surface for a student, the school desk is now being accepted as a key contributor to the classroom environment. Choosing the desks is a key decision, because different styles offer different functionalities, not just aesthetics. The key to assessing a student desk’s functionality is found in the shape of its work surface. It can open up new possibilities for creating better, more dynamic learning environments.

Which shape works best for you?

At Smith System, we create a wide variety of shapes, allowing multiple solutions for classrooms and curricula of every kind and budgets of every size. It’s fair to question, “If the furniture outlasts the curriculum of the day, will it become outdated?” The answer is, not necessarily. Designs with the most versatility can future-proof your desk purchase.

The reason: something as simple as shape of the desktop can affect the day’s curriculum. In addition to rectangles and squares, Smith System school desks are available in trapezoids, arcs, modified hexagons and pie wedges and wings – for one and sometimes two or more students. While it sounds like a lesson in geometry, our desking options really offer a study in classroom flexibility. These collaborative desk shapes allow groups of six to eight to form in compact spaces.

If group work is called for, certain shapes, notably squares and rectangles, can limit the number of students in each group to four or fewer. If the lesson calls for six-student groups, the classroom desks don’t support the curriculum.

Furniture Types

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