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School Seating

Explore the science of student seating with us.

Our seating lines provide a range of aesthetic choices, with a dizzying array of colors available. Choose the welcoming curves of our Flavors, the familiar silhouette of our Groove Seating, the harmonious lines of our Flowform School Seating.

More than a parking place for students.

The Graduated Movement Concept is based on the insight that seating is not a passive participant in the classroom, but an active one, one that can help the learning process.

Further flexibility, further fine tuning,

Our school chair lines span the spectrum of design, accommodating students throughout their physical and academic development: From the 40-lb. kindergartner in an active classroom to the 300-lb. senior in the focused-study environment of high school. Most of our classroom chairs offer stacking, sled base, adjustable chair, adjustable stool and mobile options.

Flavors Stack Chair

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