School carts

Carts so versatile, they couldn’t be kept in the library.

They can organize and transport much more than books or even media. Whether they’re holding instruments, dinosaur models or art supplies, they help teachers, administrators and librarians distribute educational materials more quickly and easily.

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Book Carts – They help educators concentrate on educating.

They started as book carts to help librarians shelve books more efficiently. Soon, these workhorses proved so versatile they couldn’t be confined to the library. Today, one of our multi-functional carts is just as apt to be packed with phys ed gear, classroom aids, or even student supplies as books – and doing an exemplary job of transporting or storing all it holds. Every room in the school can benefit from a booktruck. A broader view of booktrucks is needed because their contribution to the educational environment extends beyond being the educator’s helping hand. Now available in a wide spectrum of colors, booktrucks can add a dash of visual excitement to their environment, and silently say that utility can be a celebration. Choose models with sloping shelves for books, flat shelves for oversize objects, bins, or combinations.


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