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More than a chair. More than a desk. Numbers™ is the line of tables and chairs for schools calculated for a new and inspiring classroom experience–anywhere in the world.

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Buy school desks with chairs that deliver ultimate comfort, great value, high-quality, and appealing designs for all students. Shop Numbers™ tables and chairs for schools today.

Numbers™ Stack Chair
Numbers™ Single Student Triangle Desk
Numbers™ Mobile Chair
Numbers™ Single Student Petal Desk
Numbers™ Single Student Desk
Numbers™ Trapezoid Table
Numbers™ Single Student Huddle Desk
Numbers™ Two Student Desk
Numbers™ Adjustable Table, 30x60
Numbers™ 20×38 Student Desk

The Right Formula for Classroom Tables and Chairs that Inspire

We believe our Numbers™ line of tables and chairs for schools can provide both comfort and inspiration in a classroom setting. Our desk and chair sets are the winning solution for creating an inspiring environment in school. They provide flexibility, comfort, and accessibility.

All Students Welcome

Students come in all shapes and sizes. The chairs are developed to fit within both Euro and US standards creating more options for different sizes of students.

Flexibility in Movement

The seat shell follows the 360-position concept, so the seat is flat, with no large dish to the sides, allowing the student to move, fidget, and turn around the chair. Students are able to face front, back, or either side.

Nth Degree Comfort

The back and seat of the chair were designed separately allowing a more cushioned effect of the seat area. The top of the chair features a rim which allows a student facing backward to have a comfortable place to rest their hands and in turn creates a grip that allows for easy mobility throughout the classroom.

Numbers™ Categories

The Numbers™ line of classroom tables and chairs offers a variety of benefits and key features that improve the classroom experience. With Numbers™, you can buy school desks with chairs that totally upgrade any classroom. Numbers™ meets the classroom furniture standards in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, generating more inspiring school settings all around the world.

Numbers™ Chairs

Smith Systems’ 18" Numbers Stack Chair.

Available for students of all sizes, Numbers™ chairs feature blow-molded technology. This allowed us to design the front completely separately from the back. Additionally, it provides more strength and support, especially when it comes to students who like to lean back.


Numbers™ Chairs Benefits

  • Comfort. The blow-molded shell in Numbers™ chairs generates an air pocket for maximum comfort. Additionally, the flat seat allows for 360 degree movement and the tall and continuous seatbacks provide support.
  • Easy Lifting. Numbers™ chairs offer two different repositioning options. These are a low through-hole and a curled seatback ledge that facilitate moving, stacking, and lifting the chair.
  • Durable. Numbers™ chairs are made with the highest quality materials that ensure they can stand the classroom environment.
  • Stackable. These chairs are designed with a stack-geometry that reduces stress from stacked chairs, prevents paint damage, and provides safety when stacked.

Numbers™ Desks

Smith System’s Numbers Single Student Triangle Desk.

Numbers™ desks complete the perfect equation of tables and chairs for schools that improve comfort and inspiration. Not only great for students, but also for teachers and facility personnel, the Numbers™ students desk and chairs are more convenient and useful.


Numbers™ Desks Benefits

  • Adjustable Heights & Casters. Numbers™ desks provide a discreet mechanism for adjusting height. Additionally, the inner leg tube can switch between glides or casters without affecting the desk height.
  • Inclusive for All Learners. Our desk sets and table sets are ADA compliant. Numbers™ desks feature our first single student desk that is accessible for all learned regardless of size or ability.
  • Easy Install Casters. We offer easy-to-install caster add-ons to upgrade mobility. The casters are friction inserts, so they can simply be pressed into the leg for installation.
  • Slide-On Stacking. Numbers™ desks make stacking easier. They feature a compact design and foldable legs that can free-up a lot of classroom space through slide-on stacking.
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