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Streamlined aesthetic. High-tech injection molding not only keeps the seatback strong and flexible, but it eliminates the exposed structural “ribs” on the back of the chair’s shell. It’s sleek and calm, yet familiar. It’s a crossover chair that quietly blends in anywhere: classrooms, cafeterias, flex studios, maker spaces and more.

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Groove® Seating

Groove® seating featured with our Silhouettev Student Desks and Oodle flexible seating. Also shown Cascade® Totes and Cascade® Mega-Tower with Shelves.

Classroom chairs by Smith System

Flex you can feel.

Groove® is designed with a “flex” cushion seat back surface. The gentle contour and slightly
higher upperback shell spread the student’s weight over a larger surface area. The slim
waist design and strong lumbar support, so kids can turnaround easily and maintain good posture.


Immediately Supportive.

Students can feel great and get to work, with less settle time. The ergonomic seat pan
and subtle shell contours support movement in a working posture at a desk and sideways
sitting. A gentle flex at the top of the shell opens the contours up for a relaxed position.

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