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Classroom Tables

These are literally platforms, more is required of them today than ever before.
Whatever the room, need, design scheme or budget, the classroom table you’re looking for is here.

It seems the table is the school’s jack-of-all-trades. Which raises the question, how can a table possibly be expected to perform so many functions in so many places? Schools tell us one can’t—there simply isn’t a single school table that’s right for every single place and purpose. For that reason, we offer more than 150 choices. Their shapes are both geometric and organic. Their sizes range greatly, too. There are choices of different legs. And you can choose specialized tables for specific uses in art rooms and science labs.

From traditional shapes like Round top, Square top and Rectangular to more unique shapes like Crescent, Squiggle and Cookie shape, you can find the perfect shape to fit the needs of your classroom, instruction style and students. Additionally choose from a variety of other collaborative workspaces, such as Desks, Multimedia Tables, and Lab Stations. Our classroom tables fit a wide range of learning scenarios, including quiet study, collaboration, individual instruction and more. 

Furniture Types

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