Classroom Furniture’s Active Role in Learning Environments.

The classroom has evolved from a static physical space into a dynamic learning environment. What made this evolution possible is the combination of a better understanding of the way students learn and the ability to apply that understanding through more effective teaching methods. Naturally, as the teaching methods changed, so have the teacher’s tools, including the classroom furniture.

Wait a minute. Classroom furniture is a teaching tool?

The classroom furniture’s design can help students learn (and teachers teach) in several subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Some of the more obvious ways are through meeting physical requirements like size, making sure the furniture is properly scaled to fit the size of the student.  Classroom furniture that fits eliminates a distraction and helps students to concentrate. Recent studies indicate movement can contribute to concentration, and is considered beneficial to physical health. With Smith System student seating, educators can allow varying degrees of movement.

Equally important, but slightly less obvious, is classroom furniture functionality – does the student’s classroom furniture consistent with the curriculum? Because learning now often takes place in groups numbering from two to six students, classroom furniture has to have the ability to be configured in groups. This is largely determined by the design. Smith System has long led the way in furniture for cooperative learning, enabled by innovatively shaped desktops.

Ask any teacher: Classroom furniture creates an instant impression.

What kind of unspoken message does the classroom send to the student? At Smith System, we’ve found the shapes and colors of classroom furniture go a long way toward making the environment welcoming, stimulating and engaging to the student. Classroom furniture is a physical point of contact between the student and the school. Smith System offers many choices, so your classroom furniture sends the right messages.


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