2019 Smith System Full Line Catalog

Circular Base Crisscross Base Base Color Options Crisscross and Circular bases are available in Platinum and Black. Both base options come with an extra durable coating that protects the integrity of the powdercoat finish over time. 40" Working Height 30”Round Top with 40”h Circular Base (Top 01502 + Base 01466 + 017098 Flat Power) 30"Round Top with 42"h Circular Base (Top 01502 + Base 01453 + 017098 Flat Power) 42"Round Top with 29"h Circular Base (Top 01506 + Base 01455, No Power) 36" Round Top with 36"h Circular Base (Top 01504 + Base 01452, No Power) 36" Round Top with 16"h Circular Base (Top 01504 + Base 01450, No Power) 42" Standing Height 29" Sitting Height 36" K-8 Standing Height 16" Coffee Height Platinum Black 24" Circular 30" Circular 24" Crisscross 30" Crisscross Round 30"dia. X X Round 36"dia. X X Round 42"dia. X X Round 48"dia. X Square 30x30 X X Square 36x36 X CAFE BASE COMPATIBILITY CHART / RECOMMENDED PAIRING Café Tables Meeting www.smithsystem.com | 800.328.1061 194