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Classroom Planning Packages

Classroom Planning Idea

This K12 classroom is designed to encourage collaborative learning.  Each student has their own Numbers table and chair and can choose to arrange them together forming groups of 6 or separate them in smaller clusters for paired or independent learning activities.

Mobile Flowform storage can be moved anywhere in the room bringing supplies and materials where needed based on task. The Motum tall mobile station separates from the teacher’s desk and can be moved around based on the teacher’s needs.

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Classroom Planning Idea

This classroom has a variety of desk shapes, postures and cluster sizes which helps encourage students to communicate, collaborate and create together. Everything in the room is a learning tool including the mobile Cascade storage with totes for each students’ workbooks which can be moved to their desks. The Oodle stools allow kids who need to fidget to freely move without interrupting learning.

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Classroom Planning Idea

Students can easily transition this active learning classroom into different learning modes from presentations, to group breakouts, to whole group discussions. The stacking Flavors chairs are mobile and can be moved out of the way for open floor activities. Cascade mobile storage comes in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to help store materials and organize the classroom.

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