Cascade Mini-Case

These compact, versatile, mobile storage units are available with either tote trays or shelves and can be fitted with numerous options including locking doors, and a riser shelf. Our Cascade Storage System allows educators to organize, store and distribute learning materials. These mobile storage units are highly customizable to hold items in a wide range of sizes and shapes – from sheets of paper to stuffed animals.  The Cascade Mini-Case is available in many configurations, making the cabinet completely customizable to your needs.  The Mini-Case also accommodates an optional Riser Shelf, optional lectern top, each available in 13 laminate choices.  Cascade Cabinets are available in 19 powder coat finish options, the End Panels are finished in the color of your choice, while the Cabinet door, top and back panel remain Platinum powder coat.

Educators can equip their cascade Mini-Case school cart with either totes or trays to hold a wide variety of learning materials. Add additional classroom shelving with an optional riser shelf and lectern to make the Cascade Mini-Case perfect for presentations. By specifying durable clear totes, users can seamlessly move learning materials from classroom storage units to student desks outfitted with the appropriate guide rails.

For all customizable options & model numbers, please use our Cascade Configurator


Model Description D x W x H
111000000P_ Open w/ shelves 19" x 21" x 30.4"
121000000P_ Doors w/ shelves 19" x 21" x 30.4"
110005000P_ Open w/ five 3" EW totes 19" x 21" x 30.4"
120005000P_ Doors w/ five 3" EW totes 19" x 21" x 30.4"
110003010P_ Open w/ three 3" + one 6" EW totes 19" x 21" x 30.4"
120003010P_ Doors w/ three 3" + one 6" EW totes 19" x 21" x 30.4"
*riser shelf option available.
*lectern top option available.

Powder Coat Finish Options

Black Charcoal Platinum Burgundy Chocolate Mocha Red Orange Clementine Yellow Apple Forest Green Mint Navy Persian Blue Cerulean Blueberry Purple Fuchsia

Frame Options


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