Interchange Rectangle Multi-Media Table

This large scale Media Table provides interactive group viewing and participation in distance learning or other presentation applications. A large 72″ long table accommodates two people comfortably along each side as well as two additional people at the head of the table. Ideal for conference rooms hosting multimedia applications. Available with built-in power options, see Model Numbers: 04147, 04148, 04149.  For non-power supplied Media Table, see Model Number 04146. Optional TV Mount #17354 available (accommodates 32″ – 50″ Flat Panel TV). When ordering optional mount VERIFY fit prior to purchase.


Model Description D x W x H
04146 Large Multi-Media (no power) 72"d x 60"w x 22"-34"h
04147 Large Multi-Media (4 power, 8 usb) 72"d x 60"w x 22"-34"h
04148 Large Multi-Media (8 power) 72"d x 60"w x 22"-34"h
04149 Large Multi-Media (6 power, 4 usb) 72"d x 60"w x 22"-34"h

Laminate Options

Amber Cherry Blond Echo Fusion Maple Golden Oak Grey Mesh Grey Nebula New Age Oak Pewter Mesh Tan Echo Wild Cherry Asian Night

Edge Color Options

Apple Black Blueberry Burgundy Cerulean Champagne Charcoal Chocolate Clementine Forest Green Fuchsia Mint Mocha Navy Persian Blue Platinum Purple Red White Yellow Orange

Frame Options

Black Platinum

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