Flex Single-Student Desk

It takes less flexing to get in and out of a spacious, stable Flex Desk. Its design moves the support away from the corners so the student has more knee room for easier ingress/egress, saving time she/he stands up or sits down. Patented backpack peg keeps personal items off the floor and out of the way.  Choose from 13 standard laminate top colors, 20 standard edge colors and a Black or Platinum frame.  Add optional Dual Wheel casters in 3″ (17576) or 4″ (17554)  sizes.  Additional options include a Steel Bookbox, a Wire book basket or a Cascade™ Tote Tray option.


Model Description D x W x H
01360 20" x 27" Flex Desk, Single-Student 20" x 27" x 19"-31"
01356 20" x 32" Flex Desk, Single-Student 20" x 32" x 19"-31"
01368 20" x 36" Flex Desk, Single-Student 20" x 36" x 19"-31"
01370 24" x 27" Flex Desk, Single-Student 24" x 27" x 19"-31"
01371 24" x 36" Flex Desk, Single-Student 24" x 36" x 19"-31"
17220 Tie Plate for Flex Desk (2 lbs)
Optional Accessories:
17190 Steel bookbox 15" x 20" x 4"
17200 Wire book basket 15" x 18" x 3.5"
30925 SW (Standard Width) Tote + housing 16.8" x 13.5" x 3"
30926 EW (Extra Wide) Tote + housing 16.8" x 19.6" x 3"
17576 3" Dual-Wheel Caster Pack set of 4, 4 locking
17554 4" Dual Wheel Caster Pack set of 4, 2 locking

Laminate Options

Asian Night Boardwalk Oak Pewter Mesh Classic Linen High Rise Buka Bark Palisades Oak Flax Linen Mission Maple New Age Oak Fusion Maple Grey Nebula Wild Cherry

Edge Color Options

Black Charcoal Platinum Burgundy Chocolate Champagne Red Orange Clementine Mocha Yellow Apple Forest Green Mint Navy Persian Blue Cerulean Blueberry Purple Fuchsia

Frame Options

Black Platinum

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