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Accessing Stimulus Funds & Returning to School Safely

Founded in 1905, Smith System has helped American education evolve by being ready with the right furniture at the right time. An industry leader in school furniture innovation, Smith System is committed to developing products that support optimum learning environments — addressing the needs of the student, the demands of the curriculum and the realities of space, maintenance and budget.

The company began its journey providing educational environments with heating systems, then drinking fountains and later sanitary products. The 1950s brought on more change when Smith System began creating student desks and booktrucks, and it continued with producing library shelving. Smith System began making computer furniture in the 1970s and providing solutions to team learning curriculums in the late 1990s by producing a family of cooperative learning furniture.

Today, Smith System produces seating, desks and tables, computer desks, booktrucks and shelving that create a welcoming and stimulating environment for students. Its newest furniture line, UXL, offers high schools and colleges a complete, integrated system for outfitting the entire school without compromising design or functionality. UXL is the first visually cohesive product line encompassing products for classrooms and common areas.

The company is taking the lead to develop products that satisfy school district’s immediate and anticipated needs, and it is the first school manufacturer to see and understand the evolution of team learning in education.