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School Desks & Tables

Smith System offers more than 30 school tables and desks for collaborative learning classrooms. From line to line, the designs vary somewhat, but each has earned high marks for durability and longevity despite the harsh realities of everyday life in an active classroom.

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It’s not just the shape of the school desk that matters – consider its construction.

Many school districts are now choosing furniture based on its support of collaborative learning initiatives. They wisely opt for desks that can be grouped together in compact pods that allow optimal student interaction in groups up to six or eight in size.

As a pioneer in the design of collaborative furniture, we’ve learned that there’s more to consider than the shape of the desktop alone. The desk’s construction is vitally important – much more so than in a traditional desk that’s rarely moved. To meet the needs of a collaborative learning classroom, the desks must move – often several times a day.

Our classroom desks are built to withstand use well into the future. Download our buying guide to learn more. 

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