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Higher Education

Preparing them for the future.

During college, a student’s future starts coming into focus. Learning doesn’t slow. It grows deeper and more complex. Educators strive to teach what employers demand of the next generation: critical thinking, team collaboration and problem-solving.


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Smith System snapshot for Higher Education:

  • Versatile.

    The subject and education will influence the layout. But keep classroom furniture highly mobile so that students can quickly tuck-in their tables, get comfortable and get to work.

  • Choices.

    Simulate the flex-seating movement that began in office spaces. Offer traditional chairs, café-style seating, soft seating, rockers and more. Then let students pick where they learn best.

  • Right Size.

    Adjustable tables, chairs, and desks keep everyone comfortable, be mindful of plus-size students, too.

  • Aesthetics.

    Match their maturity with subdued colors, but with a touch of school spirit. Durable, high-quality crafting keeps the furniture looking good.

  • Educator Tools.

    Keep expensive teaching tools mobile, secure and tidy. Look for workstations, lecterns, maker carts, whiteboards and storage on wheels.

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