Cafe Table Round Top, Circular base

Our Cafe tables are a popular choice for creating casual meeting areas in commons areas. Students can gather and collaborate in a more laid back atmosphere. Cafe tables come in (4) four round sizes, 30″, 36″, 42″ and 48″ round. The optional power module is installed in a 3 inch cutout in the center of the cafe table top. 36″ and 42″ height Cafe tables come with 2 hooks to keep backpacks and bags off the floor. Work surface available in 11 laminate colors and 21 edge band colors with a 1 1/4″ thick work surface. Circular Base available in Platinum.


Model Description D x W x H
1) Choose Top
01502 Round top only 30" diameter
01504 Round top only 36" diameter
01506 Round top only 42" diameter
01507 Round top only 48" diameter
2) Choose Base
01450 24" Circular Base 16" Coffee Table Height
01451 24" Circular Base 29" SItting Height
01452 24" Circular Base 36" K-8 Standing Height
01453 24" Circular Base 42" Standing Height
01454 30" Circular Base 16" Coffee Table Height
01455 30" Circular Base 29" Sitting Height
01456 30" Circular Base 36" K-8 Standing Height
01457 30" Circular Base 42" Standing Height
3) Choose Power:
017088 Dome Power Module 4 power
017097 Flat Surface Power Module 2 power
017098 Flat Surface Power Module 1 power / 2 USB

Laminate Options

Amber Cherry Blond Echo Fusion Maple Golden Oak Grey Mesh Grey Nebula New Age Oak Pewter Mesh Tan Echo Wild Cherry Asian Night

Edge Color Options

Apple Black Blueberry Burgundy Cerulean Champagne Charcoal Chocolate Clementine Forest Green Fuchsia Mint Mocha Navy Persian Blue Platinum Purple Red White Yellow Orange

Frame Options


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