Cascade Mega-Tower

Our Cascade Storage System allows educators to organize, store and distribute learning materials. These mobile storage units are highly customizable to hold items in a wide range of sizes and shapes – from sheets of paper to volley balls. The Cascade Mega-Tower is available with either tote trays or shelves and can be fitted with numerous options including locking doors, riser shelf and/or whiteboard backside. Cascade school carts are available in 19 powder coat finish options, the End Panels are finished in the color of your choice.

Image shown with optional whiteboard back panel, add $195 List.

This mobile classroom storage unit is made of welded 18-gauge steel and is covered with a durable powder-coat finish. Casscade storage system is available in 9 different sizes and countless configurations, making it feel at home in every learning environment. Choose from Mini, Mid, or Mega sizes and an optional whiteboard back on Mega-Towers and Mega-Cabinets.



Model Description D x W x H
911000000P_ Open w/ shelves 19" x 43" x 61.4"
921000000P_ Doors w/ shelves 19" x 43" x 61.4"
910036000P_ Open w/ thirty-six 3" SW totes 19" x 43" x 61.4"
920036000P_ Doors w/ thirty-six 3" SW totes 19" x 43" x 61.4"
C10024000P_ Open w/ twenty-four 3" EW totes 19" x 43" x 61.4"
C20024000P_ Doors w/ twenty-four 3" EW totes 19" x 43" x 61.4"

Powder Coat Finish Options

Black Charcoal Platinum Burgundy Chocolate Mocha Red Orange Clementine Yellow Apple Forest Green Mint Navy Persian Blue Cerulean Blueberry Purple Fuchsia

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