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Cascade® Mid-Case

These compact, versatile, mobile storage units are available with either tote trays or shelves and can be fitted with numerous options including locking doors, and a riser shelf. Our Cascade Storage System allows educators to organize, store and distribute learning materials. These mobile classroom storage units are highly customizable to hold items in a wide range of sizes and shapes – from sheets of paper to stuffed animals. The Cascade Mid-Case is available in many configurations, making the cabinet completely customizable to your needs. The Mid-Case also accommodates an optional Riser Shelf, available in 15 laminate choices. Cascade school carts are available in 14 powder coat finish options, the End Panels are finished in the color of your choice, while the Cabinet door, top and back panel remain Platinum powder coat.

Cascade Mid-Case is available with optional doors that include a secure locking mechanism to protect important classroom learning materials. In addition, the doors articulate a full 270 degrees and come with modernly shaped door handles with your choice of color. The unit features two grommet holes, which are punched into the Rear Panel, for convenient wire management and electronic storage. Available with casters or glides.

Model Description D x W x H ADA Compliant
211000000P Open w/ shelves 19" x 29" x 30.4"
221000000P Doors w/ shelves 19" x 29" x 30.4"
210010000P Open w/ ten 3" SW totes 19" x 29" x 30.4"
220010000P Doors w/ ten 3" SW totes 19" x 29" x 30.4"
210006020P Open w/ six 3" + two 6" SW totes 19" x 29" x 30.4"
220006020P Doors w/ six 3" + two 6" SW totes 19" x 29" x 30.4"
*riser shelf option available 19" x 29" x 37"
*lectern option available 19" x 29" x 41.5"

Powder Coat Finish Colors (Lead time may apply to select colors)

Forest Green
Persian Blue

Standard Totes

Platinum Tote
Clear Tote
Cascade® Mid-Case
Cascade Mid-Case
Cascade Mid-Case
Cascade Mid-Case
Cascade Mid-Case
Cascade Mid-Case

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