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Cascade® Peg Board End Panels

Our Cascade Storage System allows educators to organize, store and distribute learning materials. These mobile storage units are highly customizable to hold items in a wide range of sizes and shapes – from sheets of paper to volleyballs. The Cascade Peg Board End Panels can be added to any size Cascade Unit, by simply adding the letter ‘H’ to the 10th position in the model number (Platinum only), adds to the standard list price as well.

This mobile classroom storage unit is made of welded 18-gauge steel and is covered with a durable powder-coat finish. Cascade storage system is available in 9 different sizes and countless configurations, making it feel at home in every learning environment. Choose from Mini, Mid, or Mega sizes and an optional whiteboard back on Mega-Towers and Mega-Cabinets.

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Model Description D x W x H ADA Compliant
110005000HP Mini-Case Open w/ five 3" EW totes 19" x 21" x 30.4"
210010000HP Mid-Case Open w/ ten 3" SW totes 19" x 29" x 30.4"
310015000HP Mega-Case Open w/ fifteen 3" SW totes 19" x 43" x 30.4"
41000800HP Mini-Cabinet open w/ eight 3" EW totes 19" x 21" x 43.3"
510016000HP Mid-Cabinet Open w/ sixteen SW totes 19" x 29" x 43.3"
610024000HP Mega-Cabinet Open w/ twenty-four 3" SW totes 19" x 43" x 43.3"
710012000HP Mini-Tower Open w/ twelve 3" EW totes 19" x 21" x 61.4"
810024000HP Mid-Tower Open w/ twenty-four 3" SW totes 19" x 29" x 61.4"
910036000HP Mega-Tower Open w/ thirty-six 3" SW totes 19" x 43" x 61.4"

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Cascade® Peg Board End Panels

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