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Groove® Noodle Chair

The Groove Noodle Chair has a patented suspension below its seat pan that allows it to tilt slightly in all directions. This makes the chair more comfortable than other classroom chairs and also encourages the student to engage his or her core muscles while seated, which promotes better breathing to improve concentration. The Groove Noodle school chair provides the benefits of sitting on a large ball with the added advantages of more stability and back support.

Immediately supportive and comfortable. Students can feel great and get to work, with less settle time. The ergonomic seat pan and subtle shell contours support movement in a working posture at a desk and sideways sitting. A gentle flex at the top of the shell opens the contours up for a reclining position. Generous waterfall seat front to support circulation to students’ legs and feet.

Smith System high-tech molding not only keeps the seat back strong and flexible, but it eliminates the exposed structural “ribs” on the back of the chair’s shell. We also used a smaller tube diameter for the frame. Groove doesn’t look like an institutional classroom chair. It’s sleek and calm, yet familiar. It’s a crossover chair that quietly blends in anywhere: classrooms, cafeterias, flex studios, maker spaces, and more.

  • Has a patented suspension below its seat pan that allows it to tilt slightly in all directions.
Model Description D x W x H ADA Compliant
33851 18" Groove Noodle Chair 20" x 19" x 18"
33852 16" Groove Noodle Chair 18" x 17.5" x 15.4"
33853 14" Groove Noodle Chair 17" x 17.5" x 13.4"

Standard Shell Color Options

Persian Blue

Additional Lead Time Shell Color Options

Forest Green

Frame Color Choice

33851 18" Groove Noodle Chair
33852 16" Groove Noodle Chair
33853 14" Groove Noodle Chair

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