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Interchange® 3-2-1 Desk

This versatile, contemporary desk designed for collaborative learning provides sleek looks and solid functionality. The two-student desks can be arranged in many ways for both individual and group learning. Its large work surface provides ample space for two students doing work of all kinds. Available in 15 standard laminate colors, 15 standard edge colors, and Black or Platinum frame. Make the Interchange 3-2-1 mobile by adding a set of 3″ casters, Model 17576 for Black, Model 17577 available in Apple, Cerulean, Charcoal, Orange and Platinum.  3-2-1 Available in both standard work surface (29.5″d x 40″w) or Large Surface (LS) (35″d x 50″w).

Model 03002, for Pre-K through grade 3 cooperative learning classrooms with 14″h chairs and smaller.

Model Description D x W x H ADA Compliant
03002 Interchange 3-2-1 Desk (PRE-K to 2nd) 29.5" x 40" x 22"-34"
03011 Interchange 3-2-1 LS Desk 35" x 50" x 22"-34"
Optional Accessories
77159 Interchange Low-Range Leg Inserts 17" - 21"
17576 3" Dual-Wheel Caster Pack. (set of 4) - Black Only
17577 3" Dual-Wheel Caster Pack. (set of 4) - APL, CER, CGR, ORG, PLT
30933 SW (Standard Width) Tote Tray w/housing For 03011 Interchange 3-2-1 LS Desk only 17.25” x 12.75” x 5”

Surface Options (with optional matching 3mm Edge Band)

Asian Night
Boardwalk Oak
Classic Linen
High Rise
French Pear
Pewter Mesh
Buka Bark
Palisades Oak
Flax Linen
Mission Maple
New Age Oak
Fusion Maple
Grey Nebula
Wild Cherry
North Sea Gray

Edge Colors (Lead time may apply to select colors)

Persian Blue
Forest Green

Frame Color Choice

Interchange 3-2-1 Desk
Shown with optional casters.
Interchange 3-2-1 Desk
Interchange 3-2-1 Desk
Interchange 3-2-1 Desk
Interchange 3-2-1 Desk
Interchange 3-2-1 Desk
Interchange 3-2-1 Desk
Model 03002 with optional casters shown.
Interchange 3-2-1 Desk

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