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Oodle puts the “fun” in functional. It’s an innovative active seating line featuring sturdy, stackable cylinder-shapes with an optional rocker base. Students can sit flat or with movement, on the very same stool.

The seating surface is 17 inches in diameter, with an optional cushioned top (see Oodle® Soft). The 6.5-inch-high polypropylene discs stack and twist-lock into place. Use them individually for low seating or stack up to three high. Additionally, by flipping a separate, floor-facing disc insert 180 degrees, students can sit still (the insert’s flat side) or enjoy a limited 10 degrees of multidirectional rocking motion (the insert’s convex side). Mix disc colors to add visual interest.

  • Disc dimensions: 17” diameter x 6.5” high (w/o rocker base) or 7.5” high (w/rocker base)
  • Stack up to three high to achieve either 18.5” or 19.5” height
  • Two seating options: flat or rocking
  • Rocking is limited to 10-degrees in all directions
  • Polypropylene plastic base
  • Cushioned top option available

NOTE: When using Oodle on hard floors (including VCT) specify the Oodle Adhesive Felt Pad.

Model Description D x W x H ADA Compliant
OODLE31 Oodle 3 Stool Sections + 1 Rocker Base 17" x 17" x 18.5"
OODLE33 Oodle 3 Stool Sections + 3 Rocker Bases 17" x 17" x 18.5"
OODLEBASECGR Extra Rocker Base 16" x 16" x 1"
OODLEFELT Felt Rocker Base Accessory *For use on hard floors

Standard Shell Color Options


Additional Lead Time Shell Color Options

Multicolor Oodle shown in several height configurations. Units ship in a single color, to mix and match colors order multiple units
Oodle shown stacked two high around an Elemental 5-Star Table.
Oodle shown with Rocker Base
Rocker Base shown in engaged position.
Rocker Base shown in disengaged position.

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