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Cascade® Tote Trays

The SW and EW Cascade Tote Tray systems install underneath many Smith System desks, including Planner Student Desks (20″ x 27″ rectangles or larger) and Silhouette Student Desks. The SW (Standard Width) tote tray is also compatible with our Huddle-8LS #01267 student desk. Cascade Totes give teachers a versatile tool for organizing class materials. Whether it’s by subject, lesson or student, materials can be assigned to a Tote. The Tote can either be kept in a Cascade Storage unit or under the desktop of a desk outfitted with appropriate rails. The totes can also be labeled. If mounting the Cascade Tote Tray to an Interchange Series Desk, see Model #66013 or #66014.
Color Name
30925 SW Tray, 01267 Huddle-8LS