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Cascade® Tote Trays

The SW and EW Cascade Tote Tray systems install underneath many Smith System desks, including Planner Student Desks (20″ x 27″ rectangles or larger) and Silhouette Student Desks. The SW (Standard Width) tote tray is also compatible with our Huddle-8LS #01267 student desk. Cascade Totes give teachers a versatile tool for organizing class materials. Whether it’s by subject, lesson or student, materials can be assigned to a Tote. The Tote can either be kept in a Cascade Storage unit or under the desktop of a desk outfitted with appropriate rails. Totes are clear ABS plastic, allowing quick visual inspection of materials. The totes can also be labeled. If mounting the Cascade Tote Tray to an Interchange Series Desk, see Model #66013 or #66014. REQUEST A QUOTE
Color Name
30925 SW Tray, 01267 Huddle-8LS