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While the thought processes couldn’t be more different between
art and science, both subjects encourage students to explore
and explain the surrounding world.

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The art and science of art and science room furniture.

When it comes to art classroom furniture and science room furniture, a couple of key characteristics are common to both. As expected, strength and durability come first. But, today, the need to connect computers to power and wifi are gaining importance in art studios, as well as science labs. Not surprisingly, learning environments for both subjects are enhanced with exposure to the outdoors.

Don’t experiment with science lab furniture.

coding_blogpostIn a science lab, furniture must promote both learning and safety. Science lab tables have to be strong enough to support any equipment needed for experiments. It also has to be very stable to prevent spills. Seating at science tables must be at an appropriate height to allow students to do their work. Smith System offers several choices of very strong tables and many seating options that complement them.

Smith System also offers another important feature in science lab furniture: the Trespa TopLab Plus work surface, available on science tables. It is designed to resist the harsh elements in a lab environment.

Art classroom furniture with durability and style.

Creating a fertile environment for budding artists is a lesson in restraint. Here, neutral colors are favored for both the walls and furniture to direct the students’ attention to the works they are creating. In the art classroom, it’s the art that should receive the attention, not the surroundings.

From a functional standpoint, Smith System makes equipping the space easy with our wide variety of art classroom furniture. Our tables can be ordered with super durable Trespa TopLab Plus work surfaces to stand up to the constant spilling, abrasion and cleaning that takes place in a lab. We also offer great choices when it comes to art studio furniture that supports computers and drawing tables. And our seating choices include adjustable-height stools and chairs and fixed height chairs – all constructed in durable, highly cleanable materials.

Stay Creative in Art and Science Evironments

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